Sunday, May 22, 2016

Upload your images and make money online thru Fliiby

T-shirt Store in Bangkok. One of my imgaes on fliiby.

Did you know that you can earn just by being creative! I recently found this digital content publishing and monetization platform called Fliiby. Now, the question is HOW? The answer, all you need to do is upload your work (photo, vector, animation, music, documents, etc) publish it so everyone can see and you make money each time your files are viewed.

Fliiby Monetization Program allows you to easily host, encode, publish and monetize any type of digital content you produce. You simply upload your files, insert embed code onto your site/blog and make money every time your files are viewed and ads are showed. It is complete file hosting, encoding, publishing and monetization solution ( Join Fliiby now!


Calgary Tower. One of my imgaes on fliiby.

Amazing place! Hoodoos Trail in Drumheller, Alberta

To join this easy online money making program, first you will need account if you don't have one. Before you apply first you have to upload at least 3 files that fliiby team administration team can review.

After approval you will receive Email and Notification. To apply go to Monetization and submit application

If you’re interested, check out and apply for the monetization program to earn extra cash whilst being able to share your awesome stuff to everyone you love!

Join Fliiby now. I'ts FREE!

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