Saturday, March 22, 2014

Street Food Kiosks/ Stalls

Food kiosk, icon, street food, food cart
Street food kiosk icons/design from my shutterstock prortfolio
street food, kiosk, food cart
Street food kiosk icons/design from my shutterstock prortfolio
Creative and trendy Street Food Kiosk/ Stalls designs and illustrations are now available for purchase on shutterstock.

A food cart is a mobile kitchen that is set up on the street to facilitate the sale and marketing of street food to people from the local pedestrian traffic.

Street stalls/kiosks remained relatively popular and recorded moderate value growth in 2012. Sales in this channel rose by 4% while the entire category reached Ps82.3 billion. Street stalls/kiosks’ affordable food items gain the patronage of on-the-go budget-conscious customers. The new variety of snack items and meals offered by operators keeps customers excited, provides more alternatives and stimulates demand. The vibrant economic performance in the country continued to boost purchasing power among middle-income consumers, which helped in sustaining demand for street stalls/kiosks products []

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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Sharing of Food

busyok comics, komiks, pinoy, joke, social media, sharing
Sharing of food. Sa palagay n'yo, anu-ano ang nag-iba? 
Nakaka-relate ka ba? Ano ang masasabi mo?

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Saturday, March 1, 2014

I'm now a ShutterStock Contributor

microstock, shutterstock, vector, royalty free
I am now a shutterstock contributor. (with 9/10 rating) 
Yeah. I am so excited because I finally passed my application as contributor on ShutterStock.

Shutterstock licenses images and video clips on behalf of photographers, designers, illustrators, and videographers, adding 20,000 new images a day from 40,000 contributors in 100 countries, as of 2013 []

Many contributors cite ShutterStock as their highest earning microstock agency. Others are quick to point out that the per-sale / per-download earnings are very low. Regardless of how you look at it, Shutterstock is the most consistent earning agency in microstock.