Saturday, January 4, 2014

My Microstock Journey: How and where to sell illustrations online

My journey into microstock started last November 2013. At first I was quite skeptical about the microstock concept and I really doubted its possibilities until I tried to join and upload my vector images at VectorStock. I initially uploaded 10 images and got my first 'sale' so I created and submitted some more images.

After more than a month my works generated six (only) downloads. Although my sales is relatively small, and despite the fact that microstocks sell cheaply at the expense of a large number of sales and a large choice of microstocks, I still believe that this has a potential and could bring additional income to a contributor like me. Why? Because I know other artists who earn a lot from selling their illustrations and photos on microstock agencies.

So far, I have 43 vectors ( my approval rating is 100%) on my portfolio and 10 images are still pending or under review. My portfolio is still relatively small so I need to grow and drive more traffic on it.

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My trending images on VectorStock

How to sale your illustrations on Vectorstock? 
You don’t have to be a professional graphic designer to earn some income from your vector art. VectorStock, a leading online provider of vector graphic images, is proud to accept artwork from any creator of computer graphics that meet their criteria for clarity and quality.
VectorStock Images can be downloaded in different forms including ESP, Ai, PDF and High Res JPG.

How to be a VectorStock contributor and earn money from your original illustrations? 
First, you need to sign up [click here]. Once signed up, you need to submit a .jpg preview of your vector designs for inspectors to review. If your work is accepted, you may start uploading and selling. 

I also started uploading on the following Microstock agencies: 

You too can sign up and sell your images. Follow the links above and sign up now!

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