Tuesday, December 31, 2013

ArteClip's Best DIY Ideas Collection for 2013

This collection features my personal project regarding recycled art and craft for 2013. This post aims to give you the best do it yourself ideas that may serve as an inspiration for your recycling or upcycling activities. This DIY ideas will not only give new life to trash or discarded materials but also a very rewarding hobby.

Do it yourself ideas: 

1. Audio jack pendant 
Materials: 3.5 mm Audio Jack (I used an old Nokia Xpress music headset for this project), wire, glue, lace (you can create your own using cord or string)

audio jack pendant

2. Pen holder with tag
Materials: illustration board, cork board, tissue paper tube, paper clip and glue
pen holder
3. Doodle art on toilet paper tube
Materials: tissue paper tube and pen
doodle art
4. Cartron Robot - robot made from recycled ink cartridges.
Materials: HP ink cartridge and screws 
5. Inky Puppy 
Materials:  empty hp inkjet cartridge and  TV antenna twin lead adaptor.
inky puppy

6. Magazine holder / Organizer 
Materials: floppy disks and plastic folder slides.

magazine holder / organizer
Upcycling is something we can do to help the planet become more sustainable by reusing unwanted/discarded materials by turning them into new and and useful products .

That's all for arteclip's DIY ideas for 2013.
Watch out for more DIY ideas in 2014! HAPPY NEW YEAR! 

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